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Vegan Jerky

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Non-GMO wheat protein, handcrafted to create an uncanny texture.


ICHIZA EATS brings you the highest quality, handcrafted, plant-based meat on the planet! Taiwanese Taoists have been creating meat alternatives for over two hundred years and we are excited to bring that to you! Use our vege-meat in your favorite recipes and keep on cooking!

Ingredients: Vital wheat gluten, soy bean oil, soy bean sauce,
sugar, licorice powder, star anise, yeast powder, sorbic acid

Weight: 226g (8oz)
Cooking Methods: Ready to eat snack!
Storing Methods: Frozen below 0°F (-18°C), Keeps up to 1 Year
Distributor: Layonna Vegetarian, 510.763.3168, Oakland CA, 94607